Inch sales are now closed, sorry!

The original experimental mixed-reality novelty micro real estate laboratory is hibernating while LOVELAND tackles city-scale projects. For our latest adventures please follow our blog, Facebook page and Why Don't We Own This? Thanks for tuning in!


The Inch. Minimal, but what more do you need? This will really put you on the map.


12 Inches in Detroit™. Comes with a limited-edition square-inch deed package and mini magnifying-glass.


The Quarter. A nice round number. I mean... square number. One of our most popular packages, it also comes with a Detroit Ice Potato.


Nifty Fifty. We'll send you a LOVELAND t-shirt so you can keep warm while you brag about how you knew the DIP before he made it big.


The Square Foot: In addition to owning a major status symbol, you will be the mayor of your own neighborhood and preside over your friends.


Choose your own inchventure: Be bold, be daring, color outside the lines. This kind of radical thinking will take you far.



Detroit Ice Potato or Detroit Ice Lemon: Comes unfrozen with googly eyes, a heart, and a blue plastic cup for easy filling and freezing. Have fun :)

♠ Shirts: "I've Got Inches In Detroit!" or Detroit Ice Potato

Important note: Your inches are not legally binding with the city of Detroit so you won't have to worry about things like paying taxes or other legal implications. The way this works is LOVELAND legally owns the property and is extending social ownership to its inchvestors. We take this very seriously at the same time as we have a lot of fun with it. You will be able to visit the property, create on your space, and follow and interact with it and your new neighbors via the website. You can also gift or sell inches to other people.