The Short Story

You're invited to purchase square inches of land in Detroit that will become what you and the other inchvestors in your microhood make of them. The inches also help fund some very good things in the city and are accessible online.

The Longer Story

These microhoods will function as visitable park and garden spaces spread around the city and mirrored online. Once you inchvest in the project you're able to log into your land, fill out a profile, meet your new neighbors, and make plans for your space. What happens is an open-ended adventure, so expect surprises.

“Some people treat it fantastically, like it's a gateway to a concept. Other people take the idea of the property, this small area in Detroit, and write it into stories or games that exist outside of it, but have a conceptual root back to the space... It's like this Twitter kind of real estate: you only have 140 characters and you have to shove a message through this little teeny space we have.”
Jerry Paffendorf

We aim to provide a fun, game-like ownership experience while creating entertainment fundraising, community collaboration, and social mapping tools that work at any scale. You can see this in our micro-grant program, work with the Imagination Station, solar powered camera system, and in-development macro map of Detroit.

We believe the global network of the internet can be applied to hyper local development in powerful new ways. Detroit is an amazing city to be working in because it presents so many challenges to be solved and so many unique opportunities to participate through this lens. If you agree, we hope to see you on the grid!

To speak about the project directly, call Jerry at 908-343-1981 or email jerry@makeloveland.com. In addition to inchvestors we're also seeking sponsors and patrons who want to support our work on a grander scale. LOVELAND is a DIY (Do Inch Yourself) operation and needs both money and love to grow.